Smoked Salmon and Avocado Veloute,Weight Loss Recipe

Fine dining does not necessarily mean a lot of calories, this recipe will help you impress your guests while keeping the calories low, and feel relax about your diet. This Weight loss recipe is both cheap and yummy.


-Smoked Salmon 350g: Rich in Omega 3 and healthy fats, salmon is always a good idea when you are trying to stay healthy and try to loose weight, moreover the vitamins help your body to detox.
-2 Avocados: Slice the avocado very thinly, full of vitamin B3 and C, avocados will also reduce your cholesterol.
-4 Tea spoons of Lime juice.
-150 g. of Goat Cheese: contain calcium and Potassium.
-Lettuce, vinegar, Olive oil: olive oil is full of healthy fat.

1). Squeeze the lemon on the thin slices of Salmon
2). Mix the thinly sliced avocados with the mixture of lettuce and vinegar, and dispose the salmon on the top, seal it and let it rest for at least 3 hours in the fridge.
3) Serve the fresh mixture in a bowl with some extra vinaigrette.

Bon Appetit,


  1. Is this salmon cooked or raw? I thought it looked raw, and I know salmon is a fish that can be eaten raw, but I wanted to be sure. This recipe sounds delicious!!

    1. Smoked Salmon is 'smoked' therefore, not raw :)

    2. Not smoked - cured by the lemon juice :)

  2. Sushi, lox its not always smoked. Lox are raw. So is Sushi.

  3. Sushi, lox its not always smoked. Lox are raw. So is Sushi.